7:00 pm

Afterwork Meditation

Have you wanted to start a meditation practice on your own but also enjoy the experience of meditating in a group setting? Then join us for this special in-person group meditation in English.

Supported by science, mindfulness practices have been shown to help us manage stress, reduce anxiety, and improve our overall well-being.

In this session, Basislager member Nicole Gottselig will guide you through four mindfulness meditation practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.

No dogma. No gurus. No experience required.


What Mindfulness is

Practices, such as focusing on sensations in your body, sounds and breathing—these practices allow you to step out of automatic pilot; thereby shifting your focus to the here and now.

Not trying to change what is happening but changing our reaction to what is happening.

What Mindfulness isn’t.

Religious or dogmatic (there is no guru, no leader, no fast-track to enlightenment).

Toxic positivity.

Not a “cure-all” or a “fast fix,” especially if you are dealing with anxiety disorders, depression and other mental health conditions; and should be incorporated as a tool in addition to medication, therapy, exercise and nutrition.


About Nicole

In January 2020, Nicole launched a mindfulness meditation program for the Berlin technology company Uberall, where she worked as a full-time senior content writer. In addition to this role, she led more than 150 group meditations (virtual, in-person, virtual and hybrid) from January 2020 until February 2022. She has also led group meditations for two large technology events, SaaS Day (200 meditation participants); DMEXCO (2020) and curated and led a six-week mindfulness program called ‘From Self-Limited to Self-Leader’ for the Berlin Startup Clustered. She continues to lead group meditation virtually in her current role at Hotjar

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