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AI Meetup Leipzig

Dear programmers, thinkers, tinkerers, makers and hackers interested in real world applications of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Your are invited to discuss your ideas with like minded people!

From time to time there are workshops to teach how to use Google's TensorFlow and
Keras - A python library for incredibly fast prototyping of deep learning and neural networks.

Topic: How to make machines that understand us

While Natural Language Processing (NLP) is taking over the world, there are still so many things to learn about this revolutionary technology. Therefore we wanted to bring Stefan Bordag to our Meetup and listen to his valuable insights and applications of NLP!

Our speaker is coming straight out of the AI startup scene of Leipzig and he is also a previous researcher at Leipzig University. Stefan is currently working as a Research Director at the EXB which is an NLP solution developer company. What is special about the EXB and Stefan is; they are not only doing research on NLP, they are bringing this tech to companies to improve their efficiency by reducing manual work has to be done by humans.

The presentation will have 2 parts; First part will be about the technology and its basics and the second will be real-world examples that have been developed in EXB.

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