1:00 am

Blockchain for Society Leipzig

This time we will get deeper into Ethereum and also talk about the worldchanging possibilities of blockchain-based digital identities. Beside our own experts, we are glad to welcome speakers from Jolocom (one of our new partners) to show and discuss special and concrete usecases of their technology.


18:00 Introduction into the "Blockchain for Society"-Meetup-format for "newcomers" and short recap of the previous Meetup.

18:30 "How does Ethereum work?" (Tim Bansemer, inblock.io) Some examples of the logic of smart contracts.

19:30 Break ~15min

19:45 "Digital Self Sovereign Identities" (Kai Christian Wagner, Jolocom) Introduction into the topic: Why self sovereign identities? The solution of Jolocom, usecases and relevance

21:00 Open discussion, networking and socialising

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