18:30 - 22:00 Uhr


The CODING LEIPZIG Meetup is establishing a format for plain tech talks, straight by and for the developer community, one line of code shown minimum, no bs accepted.

The third coding leipzig -


talks about testing, refactoring, languages and architecture

The agenda:
6:30pm doors open at
7:00pm introduction / wave hello
7:15pm talk no 1
7:45pm socializing, have some gingerbread
8:00pm talk no 2
8:45pm lightning talks / hack and tell (10m each)

If you want to take the stage and have something interesting to present related and focused on code feel free to contact the organizer team.

Get in touch with the organizers.

Our code of conduct states that as soon as 1 person is around who doesn't understand German we switch to English (exceptions must be announced). 

For more information click here.