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Coding Leipzig Summer Hack

Contribute to Coding Earth & Learn to use microservices and PaaS

What's a better thing to do on summer weekends than counting sand grains at the baltic sea or enjoying a lazy day at the lake? Right: Getting your hands "dirty" on code, learn something new, improve your skills, team up with other developers to build something together. That's why we're hosting the very first coding leipzig hackathon for you!

It's running the whole weekend (Aug 3 - 4), giving you the chance to go wild on code, evaluate and exchange your ideas and grow as a developer by learning from and collaborating with other coders. We've prepared an event website on that has all the details. Please sign up there if you want to be part of it.

Coding earth is an open initiative to connect coders of "planet earth" by hosting meetups, hackathons (like this) and conferences. We also build a hub website that once operational shall aggregate all things "development". Hack along that story, no matter your grade of experience or your favourite tech stack. This hackathon is purely member-oriented, it's about having a good time, to add some functionality to the hub, come up with a great frontend, to discuss your ideas, the architecture and their potential. There'll be no external "judging", the crowd chooses who'll get most karma points for finishing their project. Coding Earth team members and technology evangelists will be around to get you onboarded.

More Information & Registration:

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