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CANCELED: Fireside Chat

Stories are a fundamental part of learning. In fact, they are the earliest form of education in human society. They teach us about the past and they help us understand what our future might hold. The most effective stories capture our hearts, as well as our minds, because they come from a place of truth and raw human experience.

As an educational community of non-traditional learners, not only do we value the art of storytelling, we want to encourage it. This is why we are creating our own storytelling format, to help introduce more stories into Leipzig’s creative ecosystem and to support the self-discovery process for creative minds.
All of our invited guests have values that we hold dear and values that we believe will empower and connect creative individuals:
  1. A connection to education, learning or community building
  2. Desire to solve problems beyond their direct environment
  3. Dedicated time into building something of value for others
  4. Open minded, having diverse experiences and thoughts
  5. Followed a non-traditional path
  6. Possess a constant desire for improvement

(This is list is not meant to devalue the stories of those who have differing values or experiences, it is only meant to provide intentionality to the types of stories we feel like are most impactful for the community we serve.)

Fireside chats will follow an interview style format where we will attempt to build a connection between the guest and the audience, facilitate the sharing of wisdom and create an environment of vulnerability.

The CCL team and invited guests value maintaining a safe environment for everyone and therefore discriminatory or harassing behavior of any kind will not be tolerated (as further elaborated in our code of conduct found here: http://tiny.cc/1gwddz)

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