7:00 pm

Founders Fight Night Leipzig

Join us in the (virtual) ring for the official closing event of Startup Safari Leipzig 2020. Not sure you've noticed that virus floating around? But fighters are no victims, we'll just take to the virtual gym!

The Founders Fight Night is the toughest startup competition in town.

Why is it tough? Because brave startup participants will pitch-fight in a virtual event venue. We match two worthy but equal opponents who will attack and defend their business ideas verbally in three intense rounds. This is the place where all the great startup stories begin.

This is a special edition: Leipzig founders VS the rest of the startup nation!

We wouldn't want to do this event without our community! So get your free ticket now!

This is the ultimate honest pitching competition and the go-to event for the startup scene! Let us prove that not even this pandemic situation can stand between a fighting startup and their sheer will to succeed and convince the jury and audience.

We're so much looking forward to seeing you there!!

Your Team at the Founders Fight Club


Want get into that ring? We've got you covered!

The virtual Founders Fight Night is here to stay as long as needed to make sure great startups get in front of a cheering audience and expert jury.

Everyone can join, from idea to later-stage startups. All are welcome to accept the challenge!

Pitch your idea and get feedback from our expert jury and the market itself. Network, spread your word, and get to know new people from the scene. This is your chance to fight for fame & glory.

Send us an email to apply for the next round:

And remember: Only One Can Win - If you don't try you can't succeed!

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