18:00 Uhr

Leipzig International Photographers Meetup

The story of Leipzig International Photographers is very simple. Justina Smile, passionated photographer from Scotland, moved to Leipzig very recently. Because of her previous experience in photo events (running photography society in Scotland), she decided to apply this knowledge for Leipzig, and not only for students but for everyone. So that’s how she created the Leipzig International Photographers Community.

Next Meetups theme:

Photo Editing Workshop: Lightroom for Beginners

You've adjusted the settings, you've pressed the shutter - what's now? In this tutorial, we will show you how to make the best of your pictures after they've left the camera.

Don't worry, it's not about putting spaceships in the sky or photoshopping a second head on your cat (at least not yet :D). What we will be talking about (and doing!) is easy but profound adjustments that will make a picture stand out on many levels.

For this event, it's not necessary to bring your camera, but make sure to take your LAPTOP along (if possible) because it's gonna be all interactive! We will mainly work with LIGHTROOM this time, but if you have any other editing programs, this workshop is still going to be useful, so come along! ;)

The event is for FREE, but you must register to secure the place.


P.s. This is a FREE editing program to download, so if you don't have any editing software, this might be a great start ->