18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

Leipzig International Photographers Meetup

The story of Leipzig International Photographers is very simple. Justina Smile, passionated photographer from Scotland, moved to Leipzig very recently. Because of her previous experience in photo events (running photography society in Scotland), she decided to apply this knowledge for Leipzig, and not only for students but for everyone. So that’s how she created the Leipzig International Photographers Community.

Next Meetups theme:

Favorite Photo Stories & Criticism Meetup

I am sure you have some FAVORITE photos you might like to share with others (quality is not the key, what matters is the story behind the picture), so bring UP TO 10 best images and think of the stories behind to tell your fellow photographers.

If you are not sure about some photos, this is your chance to get some CRITICISM too. Bring any pictures you think could be improved and together we'll try to figure out what went wrong and how to get the perfect result next time. (again, UP TO 10 images)

P.S. You can bring your pictures on USB drives, SD cards, and external hard drives, or just send them to our email address.