7:00 pm

Leipzig International Photographers Meetup

The story of Leipzig International Photographers is very simple. Justina Smile, passionated photographer from Scotland, moved to Leipzig very recently. Because of her previous experience in photo events (running photography society in Scotland), she decided to apply this knowledge for Leipzig, and not only for students but for everyone. So that’s how she created the Leipzig International Photographers Community.

Next Meetups theme: Photoshop Battle: Show us your editing magic!

Show us your powers to determine who can create the funniest images.  Photo manipulations can be done with any editing software you have (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp, Paint etc.). You can be a complete beginner, no need to be a professional! It's all about fun anyway ;)

The format of the battle:
We will randomly select a list of 10 original images. Within 1 hour you can select as many images from the list and change them in the best and wildest way. After the battle is over we will go over the results and “crown” the Photoshop Master.
Don’t forget to bring your laptops and fill up with creativity.
(If you don’t own any software but you want to participate, download GIMP for free by simply searching in google.
If you only want to watch the “editing wizards” in action, you are also welcome!

The event is in English and for free!

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