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Product Development Workshop

Ever had an idea that you wish you could make a reality? Ever wondered how great products get made? Curious about techniques design professionals and savvy entrepreneurs use to launch a product? Basislager Coworking is teaming-up with Venture Playground to bring you a two months program that teaches the creative process for building successful products.


Application deadline: 08.04.2018

First session: 16.04.2018

followed by 7 weekly sessions, every Monday at 19:00 @ Basislager Coworking

Final session: 04.06.2018

16 Participants

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16 participants will be selected through an application process to form four teams of four. Admission will be based on prior experience, reason for interest in the program and problem-solving approach. The participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Application deadline: 08.04.2018

Teams will form based on role and desire to work on the same project. The scope of the projects will either be derived from a broad prompt from sponsors or purely from personal interest.

Note: already formed teams can apply as well.

8 Sessions

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Each group will collectively go through iterations of a creative process in which they come up with ideas, build out the concept and test them. the complexity of this process will increase with each cycle. For example, the first build out may be a simple drawing or paper prototype whereas the second might be a webpage mockup, a CAD model or detailed methodology.

First session: 16.04.2018, 19-21 Uhr, Basislager Coworking

The workshop will take place every Monday at 19:00 for 8 weeks. Each session is estimated to last approximately 2 hours.

4 Teams

foto Anne Schwerin

Grouped in working teams, participants will learn hard skills like prototyping, user/customer research, and user experience design as well as soft skills like seeing failure as a good and collaborative techniques based in human-centered design.

2 Facilitators

foto Anne Schwerin

General instruction and business guidance will come from Taylor Harvey while product design guidance will come from Damaris Kroeber. Both instructors have experience leading teams, building products and bringing them to market, Damaris from the corporate angle and Taylor from the startup side. 

Take a look at the application form

The participation in the workshop is free of charge.

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