2:00 am

SeedSpark - Final Pitch

Final presentation of SeedSpark, our product development workshop: Four teams are presenting product concepts and prototypes that they've developed in 7 weeks. 

The teams will demo prototypes and representations of their actual product while telling a story about the problem they chose to address and how their solution can make a difference. They worked on a diverse array of ideas:

spice mixtures for experienced home cookers, a refillable cosmetics bottle, a global mental wellness support system and an app that translates your life into music.

The 4 teams of participants coming from 8 different countries and education backgrounds gained first hand experience with the fundamentals of American style design thinking, lean startup methodology and data strategy by building products from their own ideas.

During the workshop, participants

- created early adopter profiles
- built prototypes for user research
- designed user journeys
- built service maps and
- finished a business model canvas

SeedSpark was facilitated by Damaris Kroeber and Taylor Harvey of Venture Playground with the generous support of the Basislager team.

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