Coworking goes on and Basislager is up and running.

Our space is set up
to have sufficient distance between the desks.

See you soon!
5:00 pm

Summer Farewell Party

It’s time to say goodbye, folks, so let us celebrate together!

Days are getting shorter and our lovely French-accent Selma is going to leave Basislager by the end of September. For this special occasion we want to get together with the growing Basislager community among our three locations. We want to set up a cocktail bar with some cool longdrinks. Every location can vote for their favorite drink out of ten options. (PSW14, Wünschmannhaus and Floßplatz)

Cocktails for everyone

To finance the drink ingredients, we are collecting money beforehand. The buy-in is approx. 10 € per person. This is a perfect chance to give your employees a good time with the community and us the freedom to set up a cocktailbar and maybe snacks or even a BBQ if there is enough money in the box.