Coworking goes on and Basislager is up and running.

Our space is set up
to have sufficient distance between the desks.

See you soon!


We help matching movies and moviegoers.

With our cinema loyalty app Cinuru for moviegoers and a data driven CRM solution for the movie industry we help with the digitization of cinemas. The Cinuru app combines the benefits of a bonus card with the possibilities of a movie app making cinema personal and digital. Data analysis enables more efficient movie marketing and direct communication between cinema and moviegoer.

Based on the latest research in recommender algorithms Cinuru can segment moviegoer taste, to provide far more precise target group segmentation than traditional approaches which are solely based on demographical data and gives the movie industry valuable insights into their customer’s preferences.

Ask us for:

  • experience with remote work
  • network into the movie industry
  • founders from the media sector in Berlin and Potsdam
  • B2B marketing and sales