Coworking goes on and Basislager is up and running.

Our space is set up
to have sufficient distance between the desks.

See you soon!

The Leipzig Glocal

Made@Leipzig, Written 4 All: We’re a webzine/blog based in Leipzig and written in English for a local as well as international audience. 

Our diverse columnists share with readers local events, international travel and living experiences, and perspectives on arts & culture, literature, cinema, music, food, dating, history & politics, hot global issues and more. One of our main goals, besides informing, entertaining and provoking thought at the same time, is to introduce Leipzig to those just coming in or out there, and to introduce those just coming in or out there to Leipzigers - thus doing our part to increase mutual understanding. 

"Glocal," yes, because we're physically based in Leipzig but from all over the world, and open to receiving creative offerings and perspectives from people hailing from and living all over the globe, as well. We're all about wide-reaching collaboration. 

Check out The Leipzig Glocal. Looking forward to your e-mail.