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Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives Meetup

Calling all female entrepreneurs and creatives, people who work and support entrepreneurship, and anybody interested in these topics ..... let's connect!

Topic: The process of creating sth people love


Frankly, entrepreneurship and it’s survival strategy of building products that people love should have been a subject in school. Contrary to advanced math (and I’m saying that as an absolute math lover!), the process that goes into building customer-centric products is actually important to every aspect of life: organizing that awesome birthday party, understanding what will get you that promotion at work, and yes of course also how to build a successful business. How do all of these things go together you might ask? Find out in this online interview with Laura Faaß!

Laura is the co-founder of Sonoday, a platform solution that connects micro-podcasts with advertisers. As a highly process-oriented person and armed with powerful tools thanks to her studies at our local business school HHL, she and her team rigorously tested their ideas before spending precious coding hours on building the technical solution.

In this online meetup, she will share with us her journey from idea to going live to deciding to quit her own startup and what important learnings she took away from that. Here’s a teaser: Following their process of testing everything and anything first before building it, she did 50 in-person interviews to collect feedback on their idea... only to realize right afterwards that she did it all wrong and had to redo them.

In this meetup, you will get an intimate view on a founder’s story, learn the important points of how to conduct user research (the foundation of your birthday party/promotion/business success), get to know their business building process (à la Startup Owners Manual), and together we will transfer these learnings to everyday life challenges.

Please note that this meetup will not be in-person. Instead we will meet on Zoom (app installation required).

We will provide paraphrased translations from German to English and vice versa.

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