7:00 pm

Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives Meetup

Calling all female entrepreneurs and creatives, people who work and support entrepreneurship, and anybody interested in these topics ..... let's connect!

Topic: Soulful workspaces and their impact on your creativity


Elly Schaffer is an interior designer who loves to transform ordinary workspaces into joyful environments that nourish wellbeing, productivity, and creativity.

In this Meetup, Elly will share her insights on how good workspace design leads to less stress and thus more fun with your work. Walk away with a lot of tips on how to create a more joyful and soulful space and how it will impact your wellbeing. Actually, if you want to, bring a picture of your workspace at home or the office and get input on how to improve it!!

Check out Elly’s website: EllySchaffer.de

Deutsch and English, yes both.

Kids welcome

The meetup will take place every other week, so make sure to join the meetup group for updates.