7:00 pm

Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives Meetup

Calling all female entrepreneurs and creatives, people who work and support entrepreneurship, and anybody interested in these topics ..... let's connect!

Topic: How to Generate a Passive Income with Digital Products


Everybody talks about passive income....but let me introduce you to somebody who is actually doing it and wants to share her experience with you: Vicki Wallis.

Vicki has 14 years experience within the fashion and textile industry and works with clients on a range of projects; from design and prints to production management and costings. She is the founder of 29andSeptember Studio, which helps small and startup fashion labels to succeed in their business through 1-on-1 help with designs, production and consulting, alongside courses and free articles on the blog. Since she tends to be booked months in advance for her consulting work, she has created online courses and resources that channel her vast knowledge and have become the cornerstone of her passive income stream.

Vicki will hit on the following points:
- Types of passive income/what is it
- Pros and cons
- Marketing funnels intro
- Examples of funnels and what people need (eg, ‘hook’ to get people’s attention before they pitch the products)
- Automations

This will be an interactive format, where there will be time to explore the aforementioned concepts in a small group (if you want to), where you will come up with ideas for your (example) product and funnel.

Learn more about Vicki here:

Languages: Deutsch and English

Kids welcome!

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