2:00 am

Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives Meetup

Calling all female entrepreneurs and creatives, people who work and support entrepreneurship, and anybody interested in these topics ..... let's connect!

Topic: Upcycling! Create your own lamp and tips and tricks

It’s time to get our hands dirty again. We will learn from crafty women how to create your own furniture, restore beautiful old pieces, and other tips and tricks for upcycling. And we’ll try it out ourselves by creating lamp shades, candle holders, or even a spice rack.

Most materials will be provided but if you want to:
- bring any item that you’d like to upcycle but don’t know how and get cool input from our DIY’ers (e.g. a beautiful piece of fabric, an old crate, etc)
- bring a bottle or jar, plastic or glass, that has a beautiful shape to upcycle it during the Meetup
- bring pictures of any upcycling project you’ve done in the past and share it with the group.

A huge thanks to PRISMA GmbH for sponsoring the materials! They are hiring, make sure to check them out: https://corporate.prisma-capacity.eu/job-positions/

Lots of time for Q&A and shared learning experiences.

Deutsch and English, yes both.

The meetup will take place every other week, so make sure to join the meetup group for updates.