7:00 pm

Fishbowl Mentoring

A Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives in Leipzig Meetup special:


Welcome to this new event format happening in the off-weeks between our regular meetup!

In every Fishbowl Mentoring, you can bring along any specific question you need help with (business, career, personal and career development, project idea, or anything and everything in between) and get answers from our three expert mentors plus a freely rotating member of the audience.
All those of you sitting in the audience will be able to listen in and learn from others and find – maybe even unexpected – help for your own pending questions.
In short, it’s gonna be intense, and intimate, and inspiring, and absolutely beautiful!

These are our expert mentors:

Antonia Much
As a self-described Swiss Pocketknife, Antonia has assembled some crazy life and professional experience: being a pharmacist, an art historian, an art dealer, building and running a Leipzig startup in the shortest time ever, marketing geek, and so much more… Trust Antonia in bringing out unexpected facets, marketing tweaks, and new business models in every idea and venture.

Inga Thor
Inga is an inquisitive data magician and number cruncher who loves smoothly running processes and all things finance. She brings her experience as a CEO (www.tringular.de) and finance executive for companies of various fields and sizes, combined with her knowledge of Scrum and Kanban, to the table. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, Inga will sift through the data and the structures, and return a gem or two to you.

Damaris Kroeber
Founder and organizer of the FEC meetup, Damaris is passionate about humans finding their “Inner Why” and having the tools to successfully follow it. That’s exactly why she loves entrepreneurship, a great way of living life the way you want to. She will bring into the mix not only her questions to poke at your Inner Why but also her experience as an early-stage startup coach, design thinking veteran, futurist, data analyst, scrum product owner, and (yep, long time ago, still 💕 it though) physicist. Some more details:

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